New Year’s Resolutions Are Exhausting


I have a few things to say about New Year’s Resolution because for the past two weeks from Facebook to Twitter to Tumblr that’s about half of what I’ve been hearing about (the other half relates mostly to the new season of Sherlock which is a whole other batch of opinions) and I’m slowly losing my mind. I’ve never been a fan of New Year’s resolutions- maybe I’m just cynical, maybe its because my birthday falls so close to the new year- I just don’t see the point. Goals rock but no matter how you look at it a year is a long time and any goal you set that can be accomplished during that time is going to need a bunch of smaller goals to accomplish anyway.

At the end of the day I’m a fan of short-term goals. Suffering from anxiety sometimes means those goals are getting out of bed in ten minutes and facing my e-mail, but a lot of the time I have my “I’m a functioning adult” goals. For me, long-term goals are too overwhelming to really be useful. “Become a paid writer.” doesn’t do anything for me besides make me wish I was small enough to fit under my bed. “Make 3 blog posts this week.” and “Pitch 2 articles before Thursday” is a lot more attainable  and satisfying when I actually accomplish it.

Everyone has long-term goals but the accomplishment of those goals doesn’t just magically spring into existence. Therein lies my problem with New Year’s Resolutions. Everyone has them and most of the time they involve Big Life Changes they expect to happen and then they get overwhelmed a month later when its not happening and they realize they don’t know where to start. Its not about what goals you have or how big those goals are its about how you can achieve them.

What are some of your big goals for the year? The decade (I’m turning 2-0 tomorrow so there’s a whole new decade of time to think about goal wise). How do you see yourself accomplishing them- by breaking it into steps  or setting mini-goals?

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