There are a few things I know for certain: pencil always smears, gray carpet in a studio is the worst idea, and research is a lot of times the most boring things a writer can do. Which isn’t to say research isn’t necessary or even interesting at times, but reading, watching videos, digging for those things and taking notes can get tedious quickly. I’ve always known this, but I’ve been working on expanding a short story I wrote last summer into, if the plot allows, a full blown novel. Unfortunately given the subject matter of the novel it also means that I have to do a lot more research than I planned on accumulating this summer. I love history, and have always had a fascination with the time period I’m working in, but right now I want to write which I can’t do until I can get a timeline better pinned down. 

How do you handle large quantities of research? What tricks do you use to keep yourself engaged for long periods of time? How do you manage the boredom that inevitably accompanies hours of searching for material you may not use?

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