Here It IS

I told my Tumblr followers that I’d be talking about how I got into the arts, particularly jewelry design today, so that’s what I’m going to do. I’ve always been pretty interested in art, but it wasn’t until we moved when I was eleven that it really became something I was interested in. I had an awesome art teacher that year, that ultimately became the reason I probably survived that year. Its also what inspired me to choose “Folk Art” impulsively, and over the next three years in the class learned the basics of sculpting, color theory, and design (and developed a bit of penchant for corny 80s pop). During high school I got more into the theater aspect of things where I learned of practical skills- sewing, painting, as well as honed by sculpting skills and improved my creative use of materials.
That’s one of the things that I’ve carried with me through learning about jewelry design- from paper beads to hair ties. Jewelry design itself was something I stumbled onto mostly by accident and through necessity. I needed to start making some money for school (it was the summer before I started college) and was unable to get a job. Necessity became the mother of invention and I started looking for ways to use the only skill I really have- creativity. I remembered a bead weaving project I had done back in junior high and started Googling. I stumbled upon a basic bracelet making tutorial and started playing around with a basic set of beads. Needless to say my first attempts weren’t all that great, nor was the site I originally started on. Eventually I got an Etsy account and started to get a hang of beadweaving and stringing.
Ultimately there are days where I feel like my skills haven’t progressed much beyond those first few weeks (wrapped loops are still the bane of my existence), but as I expand more, both with jewelry and my 2D work I like to think my skill set is expanding more.

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