Sight Reading Thoughts

I just finished Sight Reading by Daphne Kalotay and even three-quarters of the way through I wasn’t entirely sure why I was still reading. Then something just sort of shifted and I got it. I understood the point. It’s ultimately these kinds of books that make me think the most and enjoy the most in the long term. What seems to be a message of a family torn to shreds and struggling to move on ends up being something quite different.

I’ve been drawn to the sort of story that does that for almost as long as I’ve been reading chapter books. I love the ah ha! moment that happens when you realize the point the author is trying to make and understand the struggles the characters you’ve been reading about for the last two hundred pages. Remy in particular hit home for me. Even if I spent half of the book feeling like I was missing something as soon as I read the last word I knew that was the point. You don’t really know what the significant moments in life are going to be until they’re gone and it’s quite nice when books reflect that reality.  Sight Reading does that with a grace that’s impressive.

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